Groundbreaking a few weeks formula of express foreign language learning by Melwin Lundberg

Melwin Lundberg, 64, a polyglot who fluently speaks over twenty languages, presented his innovative a few weeks language learning formula to the British. It allows you to easily start communicating in a foreign language really fast. This method created by the Danish polyglot challenges traditional schools.

Over seventy thousand Brits have already given up on ineffective traditional methods of language learning and started learning languages using the technique developed by Melwin Lundberg. Regardless of the age, education and capabilities, you can easily start to speak a foreign language in a few weeks. And that's just the beginning, as you can use Melwin Lundberg’ method to learn two, three, or even four languages*!

A challenge: a colleague from our editorial team tested Melwin Lundberg' method to learn Italian from scratch.

A colleague from our editorial team – Mark Benton – Head of IT, who’s known for his sceptical attitude to virtually everything, decided to try out Melwin Lundberg' method. Here is his report: "I burst out laughing. I thought to myself: 'How can you possibly make a 53-year-old guy speak Italian with ease in in a few weeks? And all that studying only about half an hour a day?'

At the beginning I was really hopeless. I mixed up words and I was terrible when it comes to pronunciation. Forming sentences was really difficult. But with each subsequent lesson I burst with pride. After a few days I could understand simple sentences in Italian. And after a few weeks I started speaking that language. Now, two weeks passed and I can order an espresso at a cafe without being embarrassed, or ask the hotel staff: Quanto costa una stanza doppia?

I have a few more weeks left, but I can already recommend Simple Speak today. If this method worked for a slow learner such as myself, I am more than certain that it will work for everyone!"

How does a few weeks formula for instant language acquisition work?

Melwin Lundberg’ method is different from the traditional ones. You'll use it with pleasure and a childlike enthusiasm for learning. There is no place for boredom and fatigue. It took Melwin Lundberg about fifteen years to develop a special multimedia program for online language learning, where he included everything he knew about languages and everything that had allowed him to learn as many as over twenty languages on his own. The method he created enables its users to start fluently speaking a language so quickly that he called it Simple Speak*.

Why does Simple Speak deliver such fast results?

  • Firstly, it enables you to memorize everything a few times faster, through the simultaneous use of several senses in the learning process.

  • Secondly, it helps to develop linguistic patterns in your brain, which are used immediately and naturally later on, when speaking a foreign language.

  • Thirdly, it prevents you from forgetting vocabulary. Therefore, learning with Simple Speak resembles quick installation of a language in the brain and has nothing to do with intense and tiresome studying of a language*.

Who is Melwin Lundberg’ method suitable for?

No matter if you start from scratch or if you speak a foreign language very well – this method will make the language learning process a few times faster. If you learn from scratch, after a few weeks you will effortlessly communicate in a new language. If you have previously mastered the basics, it will help you improve your pronunciation and you will learn approx. Two hundred new words a day. And if you now have proficient language skills in the given language, Simple Speak will help you master two, three or even four languages in the fastest possible way.*

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